Primus Guma Guma Stars Rock Gicumbi District (New Times article - By Linda Mbabazi)

Rafiki (centre) together with his crew on stage in Muhanga District

Last Saturday, 10 Primus Guma Guma Superstar finalists performed in Gicumbi District and left their fans longing for more.

Thousands of people gathered at the district’s sports ground for the preliminary of Primus Guma Guma Superstar Road Show, and the stars delivered an energetic show.

However, the greatest applause was reserved for the MCs, Anita and Tino, who mesmerised the crowd with hilarious jokes and dances which had the audience rapt.

The crowd went wild upon hearing that Rafiki would perform. His fans applauded as they waltzedto his illustrious ‘Igikosi’ track.

Shouts of ‘Rafiki’ rang out as, women, men and children broke into approbation as the  star thanked his supporters and asked for their votes.

“Rafiki’s music has really inspired us. He has become our role model and his music carries a great message – I will give him my vote. We thank Bralirwa for giving us chance to see our local artists,” Jackson Habimana, 30, said.

Next on stage were the Dream Boyz, and their song ‘Bella’, that earned them massive commendations. Later, rapper Riderman, wowed the crowd with his rendition of ‘Igitendo mumatendo.’ His electrifying performance elicited positive comments from the crowd.

“I have massive fans in the north and I’m sure they will all vote for me,” Riderman told The New Times.

Also tussling for the votes were Dr. Claude, Tom Close, J-Polly, Mani Martin, King James, J-Polly and Urban Boys. Meanwhile, Dr. Claude, who was full of drama throughout the journey and teasing his competitors of only escorting him in the competition, poured his soul into his song ‘Contre succès’ as the jubilant crowd sang and danced to his beats.

Security was tight as police ensured that the multitudes of fans that attended the event at the stadium were safe. Some people trekked for several miles to attend the road show.

The entertainers impressed the crowd and their performances met the crowds’ expectations.

“I love Tom Close so much and I wish him to win the Bralirwa’s grand prize,” Claudine Uwera, 28, said.

Bralirwa dinks were high on supply, with a bottle of Petit Primus sold at a promotional price of Rwf250, instead of the recommended price of Rwf350.

It is clear that every artist is doing their best to obtain enough votes to win the competition. But there is a tacit acknowledgment and enjoyment by the audience, courtesy of Bralirwa and the East Africa Promoters for organising such the event and giving people a chance to witness the local music stars.

Meanwhile, before heading to Gicumbi, the stars participated in the monthly community service (umuganda) in Gikondo, where they were joined by the country’s top military brass led by the Chief of Defence Staff, Lt Gen Charles Kayonga.

On Sunday, the Road Show was held in Kibungo in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.


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