Brewing a Better Future

Bralirwa Plc  is the foremost Brewing company in Rwanda and our brands enjoy wide acceptance and patronage across the country.

Bralirwa Plc as the industry leader continues to build strong active brands available everywhere in Rwanda to appeal to a wide range of consumers, building our business sustainably is fundamental to how we conduct our business, and Brewing a Better Future is our strategic imperative in this journey.

Sustainability is one of our key business priorities; our way of doing business and creating value. We are an environment-friendly organization.

Our Approach

Our focus is on reducing the total carbon footprint of our products throughout the entire
value chain., Packaging, Distribution, Customer and Consumer.

Our Platform

Sustainability is one of Bralirwa’s six key priorities. Brewing a Better Future focuses on four key areas where we can make the biggest difference. Each of these areas is highly relevant to our day to day business operations, and to our stakeholders.

Each focus area is underpinned by clear commitments that state our ambitions and the steps, we are taking to realize them. Each focus area also has clearly set out milestones that signpost our progress.

Protecting water resources

Water is a major component in the production of our brands. Beer is 95% water. It is therefore important that we champion responsible water consumption, especially in the face of rising population, increasing urbanization and industrialization.

Our commitment is to reduce our specific water consumption in the breweries to 3.9 hl/hl in 2020. In 2013, we needed 3.8 hectoliters (hl) of water to produce 1hl of beer and soft drink. This is a 7.6% reduction compared to 2012.
In order to use our resources mostly effectively, we have taken initiatives through our TPM program, to sensitize all employees to be conscious when it comes to use water.

We have made investments in cleaning in place (CIP) system; we also implemented recovery and re-usage of cooling water to optimize the use of water throughout our
production process.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Through the implementation of various energy saving programmes, we have significantly reduced our CO2 emissions. Going forward, we remain focused on reducing the total carbon footprint of our operations across the value chain
CO2 emissions directly contribute to climate change, causing temperatures and sea levels to rise. This in return has an impact on the availability and cost of raw materials and other resources.
As a leading company, we believe it is our responsibility to play an active role in the reduction of CO2 emissions across the value chain, from barley to bar. We have set
ambitious targets for doing so within the brewing, cooling and distribution parts of our business.
In our brewery, we are exploring possibility of using renewable energy in our production operations. We are working with suppliers of fridge to deliver fridges with low CO2 emissions.

Sourcing sustainably

As national and regional demand for food continues to grow, responsible agriculture and sourcing have never been more important. The key issue facing global agriculture is how to increase productivity in a more sustainable way to meet this rising demand.
Through our local sourcing project in Ndego, Kayonza district, we are helping smallholder farmers to improve yields and compete against imported crops.

Sourcing our raw materials locally ensures that we touch the lives of our local communities and also support the government’s effort to improve agriculture as a means to achieving national food security and reduces our transport related environmental footprint.

Advocating responsible consumption

While most people enjoy our products responsibly, a minority don’t, some consumers abuse alcohol. There are clear health and behavioral risks associated with consuming too much alcohol, either over time or on single occasions, this is damaging not just to the
individuals themselves and people around them but to our industry, society and Bralirwa’s reputation too.
Bralirwa Plc has a long term history of encouraging responsible consumption and we take our role seriously to help reduce the incidence and impact of harmful drinking.

Our ambition is make moderate, responsible consumption aspirational. We know that when brands communicate directly, the message resonates strongly with consumers.
Along with Bralirwa Plc, government, NGO’s and police forces all have a valuable role to play in encouraging responsible consumption

Promoting health and safety

Brewing a Better Future is integral to our ways of working. Health, safety and employees and human rights have long been embedded in our culture and processes.

We have taken safety awareness measures among employees in production to change their behavior towards zero accident. However the frequency of the accidents increased from 0.4 in 2012 to 1.9 in 2013


Growing with communities

Bralirwa Plc contribute 1% of its EBIT to empower communities around its business operations, our employees participated in volunteering activities during the new year festivities in the campaign “everyone can give to those in need’’ we can add also that we have joined Rwandans in community work “umuganda’’.
In education, our association with Rambo School in Rubavu dates back over fifty years through the support of a primary school. Work is now in hand constructing a Technical secondary School.
Welfare, In support of unity club, Bralirwa Plc provided funding for the construction of homes for orphans and eldest.
Together with Coca Cola, the 5x20 programme provided training; a cold box and initial stock of soft drinks to fifty ladies to provide initial capital and to create business opportunity to allow them take the first steps to achieve financial independence.


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