Celebrating 50 years with a fresh new look.

Date: 26 March 2009
Location: Kigali
Publisher: Bralirwa Plc.

BRALIRWA: 50 years young! Celebrating 50 years with a fresh new look.

Thursday 26th March 2009, Bralirwa Plc and all its stakeholders have inaugurated the new logo of the Company. This logo has been inspired by , the home to Bralirwa. The hills embrace the name Bralirwa and connect to a rising star. The star, a sign of Bralirwa’s great quality, appears in the horizon to reveal the future orientation of the company. The hills swirl to the star bringing out Bralirwa’s energy and dynamism. The company’s modern image and constant upgrading ambition is represented by the curling of the hills. The sobriety of the typography illustrates an esteemed company that has a 50 years experience with a young spirit.

Light and dark green dominate the logo, representing our beautiful land, our heritage and maintain continuity with the old logo. The Primus star represents Bralirwa’s brands that have been a source of refreshment and enjoyment in over the years.

At 50 years young, Bralirwa is as refreshing as ever. Along the shores of Lake Kivu in Gisenyi, Bralirwa rolled out the first bottle of Primus embodying all the goodness of . 50 years later Bralirwa has become a major contributor to ’s socio economic development. Bralirwa has stayed true to its mission “to become a world class sustainable beverage producing company in with high quality brands that satisfy needs and give enjoyment to our consumers, with respect for our people, society and environment we live in”.

It’s in the same breath that Bralirwa along the years has invested in technology quality of the products, capacity and is people. These efforts have been acknowledged at the national, regional and international level and rewarded by numerous awards like the Heineken Golden Award 2000 for good management and quality of its beers, a Golden Award in 2000 by the Coca-Cola Company for the high quality of its soft drinks, the East African CEO’s award in 2008 as the second best respected company in Rwanda and the RDB/RIEPA award as Rwanda’s investor of the year 2008. Bralirwa is firmly embodied in the Rwandan society through its closed long term partnership with its suppliers and esteemed customers. The 2008 RDB/RIEPA award as ’s best creator of forward and backward linkages with local SME’s confirms this.

As a socially responsible company, BRALIRWA supports a variety of community initiatives from education to health and environment. BRALIRWA has also invested in a modern waste water treatment plant to conserve ’s beautiful nature.

The growing family of brands has refreshed and brought smiles to many faces and facilitated a more open and social lifestyle. Bralirwa is a member of the Heineken group, an assurance of international quality standards. Bralirwa endeavors to create more opportunities and continually invest in production, quality, brands and people. Bralirwa is a dynamic, ambitious, modern and future orientated company, 50 years young!



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