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Kigali, January 13th 2011 – Rwanda Football Federation (Ferwafa) and Bralirwa as the sponsor of The Primus National League , have formally agreed to develop and help sustain  the first ever national award scheme of the national football league by awarding the best league player on a monthly basis.

The objective of this new scheme within Rwanda’s sporting fraternity is to nurture and reward home grown talent and to increase competitiveness of the local soccer league through recognition of outstanding footballers playing within the 12 teams in The Primus National Football League.

Given International experience, like Ballon D’or award to the best Footballer of the season, which seemed to upgrade the level of football , Bralirwa realized that the same concept can be applied here in Rwanda with aim to leverage the level of Rwandan football to the best standards hence sharing the joy of football among Rwandans .

The scheme forms part of the huge task Bralirwa embarked on last year, with sponsorship of the national Football league, under the 3 year sponsorship package now in its second season.

The Player of the Month Scheme will eventually be used to select the top Rwanda footballers at the end of each season through a proposed Rwanda Footballer of The Year Scheme that will be held at the end of every season.

The national award scheme for the player of the month has been developed using the most competitive criteria within football. For instance a technical score criteria which forms the major selection format looks at a player’s ability to demonstrate the eagerness to search, manage and serve the ball as well as the scores made. This criteria has been developed in close conjunction with Ferwafa’s selection committee.

Other important items that forms the selection criteria for the player of the month includes morale, fairplay, ability to demonstrate spectacular moves and other social aspects such as demonstration of exemplary moral conduct.

A joint selection committee made of Referees, Game commissioners and members of the media will attend each PNFL match of the month and evaluate players at end of each match.

At the end of the month, members of the committee will sit and review all games of the month using the selection criterias, and the committee will nominate the best player of the month.

At the end of the season, all the best footballers of the months will be nominated, using the criterias above, for the best footballer of the season.
The best Footballer of the month ,will be rewarded a  trophy to recognize his great performance in the National football league , in addition to that , Primus will organize a party to celebrate the winner of the month .

“Through this new scheme Bralirwa is demonstrating its commitment to assist with further developing the standards of the national league. As the 2011 season unfolds Bralirwa along with its partner Ferwafa will seek to explore new avenues as part of the 3 year  sponsorship mechanism in order to  engage the fans,the clubs and other stakeholders in a way that has never been done before”, said Alexander Koch, Bralirwa’s Commercial Director.

Ferwafa on the other hand views Bralirwa’s  support as very crucial in the development of football in the country. “Along with direct financial support  of Rwf 120,000,000 for this season Bralirwa has gone an extra mile to assist Ferwafa to elaborate and sustain a national award scheme that will go a long way in improving the standards of soccer in Rwanda. That being the case, Ferwafa is upbeat that the  2011 season will be far much better in terms of competitiveness meaning that indeed Bralirwa’s  support offers an avenue for securing a brighter future for  soccer in Rwanda”, Jules Kalisa CEO of Ferwafa said.

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