The Company is a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. based in the Netherlands, which owns 75% of the total shareholding while the remaining 25% is owned by the public. The Company has a capital of Rwf 5,142,850,000 divided into 1,028,570,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of Rwf 5.00.

Analysis of shareholding

ShareholderNumberClass of Shares% of Issued Capital
Heineken International B.V 411,480,000 ordinary shares 40.01%
Beleggingsmaatschappijlimba B.V 359,950,000 ordinary shares 35.00%
Arisaig Africa Consumer Fund Limited 72,655,600 ordinary shares 7.06%
Rwanda Social Security Board 28,823,000 ordinary shares 2.80%
CFC Stanbic Nominees Ltd A/C NR13303 27,606,300 ordinary shares 2.68%
FRB ITF Investec Africa Fund 26,492,500 ordinary shares 2.58%
CFC Stanbic Nominees Ltd A/C NR 4262756 20,506,700 ordinary shares 1.99%
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 17,529,400 ordinary shares 1.70%
Other Shareholders 63,526,500 ordinary shares 6.18%
Total 1,028,570,000 ordinary shares 100%

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